The True Cost of a SuperClone Watch

QUALITY Made by Swiss Trained experienced certified master watchmakers.
A genuine watch was used as a sample and was completely disassembled for cloning so all parts are interchangeable with genuine.
Grade A-B-C-AA-AAA etc.
All Asian Made, mostly Chinese.
MOVEMENT Ultra Durable In-House Swiss Clone 1:1
A genuine movement was used as a sample and was completely disassembled for cloning so all parts are interchangeable with genuine and you can install them inside a genuine case, install a genuine dial and hands on them – Swiss ETA when used in Original.
Chinese – Asian Made ETA.
POWER RESERVE From 33 to 72 Hours. From 9 to 20 Hours.
STAINLESS STEEL 904L same as Rolex 304 or 316.
2-TONE MODELS Real 18K Heavy Wrap Gold Plated (3-5 microns).
TITANIUM MODELS Solid Titanium Grade 5. Painted steel.
CERAMIC MODELS ICOCERA solid High-tech Ceramic Painted steel.
BLACK COATED MODELS Real DLC coating (Diamond-like carbon). Paint coating.
ALL GOLD MODELS Heavy Wrap 18K Gold
(can be polished without fade).
Plated (3-5 microns)
(fades with every day use).
WATER-RESISTANCE Waterproof from 100m up to 300m
(Good for swimming).
Abyss Patented Deep-Sea Water Sealants.
Water Resistant
(Do not Swim).
BEZEL ICOCERA High-tech Ceramic or anodized aluminium.
Correct clicks Uni or Bi-directional Rotation.
Construction and Pearl design 100% same as Genuine.
Plastic or cheap soft metal.
Swiss Made scratch-proof Sapphire crystal with colourless Anti reflective coating inside out, same shape, thickness and Cyclops magnification power as genuine.
DIAL Detailed hands, prints, engravings & multilayered inserts 100% same as genuine.
100% correct font & size date wheel.
Simple flat paint printed.
Big differences with genuine.
CROWN PUSHERS Swiss Made to assure maximum waterproof.
Abyss Patented Deep-Sea Water Sealants.
Chinese with a lot of issues in durability and waterproof
(Broken Crowns and water leaking in).
DIMENSIONS 100% same to original. Close to original.
WEIGHT Exact to original. Lighter.
from the leader of luminescent industry RC TRITEC Ltd.
Lasts up to 2 hours.
Chinese luminous coating .
Lasts from 1 to 4 minutes.
DIAMONDS Moissanite. Glass.
STRAPS Calf Leather or Real Caoutchouc. Fake Leather or plastic.
MADE IN Handmade in Switzerland by Swiss Jewelers. Mass produce in China-Asia.
LIFE EXPECTANCY Lifetime. 1 to 2 Years.

The majority of websites online sell “Swiss” replicas for $100-$500 but what they are really selling is China-Asian made replicas. Also when placing an order in such websites they ship your order after 10 to 15 days plus you may receive a watch with broken parts or movement. (This fact comes from our own experience, when we conduct a market research). When you try to contact them you see that they don’t have any phone numbers because they are from China-Asia and they don’t speak English plus when you email them, they answer your emails with a 2 days delay and they give you fixed typical answers, to your questions.

When you see a watch with $150 sell price claming to have a Swiss ETA movement inside then you are sure getting a Chinese-Asian watch. Check for your self to see. For example just the Swiss ETA 2836-2 movement cost in Europe is $340 USD plus shipping.

So you understand that it’s impossible to buy a watch for $150 when just the movement they claim it has inside, costs more than the whole watch. When you see a watch with $150 sell price claming to have a Sapphire crystal then what you are getting is simple glass, since just the real Sapphire crystal cost is up to $65.

The list can go on and on for all the parts of the watch, form the metal used to simple parts like the rubber seals and gaskets or even the lubricants used on it.

Swiss WatchMart always uses SuperClone Parts to create the whole watch. Then the assembly is done by experienced certified master watchmakers with over 20 years experience working on Swiss watches. Our Swiss jewellers have constructed the perfect Clone and these watches are made 1:1. A genuine watch was used as a sample and was completely disassembled for cloning so all parts are interchangeable with genuine. This is achieved by having the genuine watch completely disassembled and then all parts cloned by using the most advanced CAD/CAM, modular molds and CNC Laser Machines

But the down side of this handmade production with every watch assembled and tested separately for time accuracy, band strength, waterproofing and overall quality is that it’s impossible for us to produce all the watch models of the market. So we Clone only watch models that can be Super Cloned 100%. If you want a cheep Chinese-Asian watch you can search in other websites. If you are looking for a 100% Genuine SuperClone Hand Made Timepiece to last for a Lifetime you are in the correct site with selected Swiss Timepieces.

There are many websites online selling “Swiss Replicas” but what they don’t tell you is that they are selling china made watches. With the advancements in CAD/CAM and CNC machinery over the years a new breed of watches is born. They are the Clone watches that are being offered only by Swiss WatchMart online and contain genuine superclone  parts and top shelf swiss made clone movements the same found in genuine watches.

Monobloc Ceramic Bezel Replica Watch


  • When you buy an Original Swiss watch, what you really pay for is:
  • Cost of research, design and development of the watch parts and movements
  • Advertising cost in magazines, movies, events (tennis, golf and horse riding tournaments, formula 1 races, sailing-regatta races, polo horse games etc.)
  • Manufacturing factory profit, huge headquarters facilities, service and national dealer profit and local dealer boutique profit
  • Huge exhibitions costs
  • Customs tax, vat tax

When you buy a SuperClone you pay just for the Manufacturing + Sales profit and nothing else! So from the above you understand the reason why our Swiss Clones costs significant lower than the original.

The movement is the most important component of any watch. At SwissWatchMart we never compromise with our quality for this reason you will only find genuine Swiss movements in all our base movemetn models. Our watches share the same quality movement as found in many genuine brands such as Rolex, Breitling and Panerai who, like us outsourcing from ETA Geneva, the world’s largest manufacture of Swiss movements. In order for SwissWatchMart to move forward we create a new generation of ORIS SA Switzerland based cloned Jewel movements. The entire movement is Swiss made and also carries the same look as an original movement so you get the quality and trust that a swiss engine brings and more importantly within COSC range of -3 to +6 seconds per day.


Rolex Waterproof Watche

SwissWatchMart also employs trained Swiss watch makers who assist us in the latest modifications and improvements to enable us to clone the performance and even the appearance of movements found in the genuine articles. From research to development the utmost care is always taken to ensure outstanding precision and reliability that you will not find on any other replica. For this reason only our Clone watches can proudly stand side by side with any fine Swiss timepiece. One only need to view our detailed watch images to conclude that we lead the way in offering the most up-to-date Swiss made Clones that are both superior in movement and build quality when compared to Genuine Swiss timepieces.

Due to our “on the spot” presence, choosing Swisstime over other dealers ensures you are getting the latest and most perfected high grade Swiss Clone currently on the market. We also offer peace of mind that what you see is what you get and do not trick our customers into COD scams that are abundant in this high-end market. Our high quality watches are made for life so understanding the difference is the key and shopping with us your 100% assured of superior quality and long term satisfaction. That’s why 95% or our clients are repeated customers.

Here at SwissWatchMart we concentrate on what we do best and that’s simply selling superior quality Clones. Our loyal costumers know that our products and customer service speak louder than words. One only need to view our detailed watch images or customer testimonials to conclude that we lead the way in offering the most up-to-date Swiss made Clones that are both superior in movement and build quality when compared to our competitors called “replica watches”. Choosing Swisstime over other dealers ensures you are getting the latest and most perfected Swiss Clone currently on the market. We also offer peace of mind that what you see is what you get and all credit card are processed  through a secure SSL conection.


Scratch Proof Ceramic hublot Replica Watch

Take advantage today and purchase the perfect Clone. The increasing popularity of Clone watches is perfectly explainable, we all want to purchase high quality merchandise, prestigious items that define our style, but we do not want to spend a fortune on them. This is why Clone watches sell so well, they deliver all the positive aspects of a premium watch, but they often cost ten or fifteen times less than the original model. The luxury watch market is in a fierce competition, and so is the Clone reseller market. While there are always a few sites selling lower quality replica watches while claiming they are Swiss or, in some cases, even original watches.

Being a reputable dealer we offer the best of the best in Clone watches. Well known premium wristwatch models such as those produced by Rolex, Panerai , Breitling and Hublot perfectly crafted watch Clones made from original molds.

There are many different types of quality replica watches so it’s important to understand the difference between the grades of replicas currently in production. The Swiss Clone watches are by far the best Clone watches on the market. They are manually assembled, just like the original models and the quality of the materials used in their production rivals the original models. Although luxury watch manufacturers test their watches through a more rigorous program, our swiss Clone watches are also tested extensively. Other lower quality replicas are massed produced and use inferior quality materials and as a result there is no quality control whatsoever.


Pamerai Clone Movement Replica Watch

Our Clone watches as so close in precision to the originals that even an expert can not tell the difference. The quality of the manufacturing materials and precisely calibrated movement ensure you a watch that is made for life. Unfortunately in this business there are countless sites claiming that their replica watches are the best in the world etc etc and it can be quite confusing what to belive. To strengthen their claims they even devise their own cunning review sites to recommend themselves and promote these false statements to lead customers down a road of deceit and misinformation.


Panerai p90000 Clone Movement Replica Watch

The fact is in many years of business, naturally there are going to be some  over demanding customers but overall 100% of all our customers are amazed with our products and a large percentage are repeat buyers. The bottom line is to look at the facts not HEARSAY and what’s important to us is to protect you as a consumer.

The facts are:
We offer only Genuine SuperClone watches.
We have thousands of references available upon request
We respond to all your inquiries within few hours
We offer a 1 year warranty on all our products
We offer a 48 hours inspection period with no restocking fee
We accept most Kinds of payments to choose by our customers



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